106.3 The Fox and The Fear Factory wants to make sure you know where the haunts can be found this Halloween! Every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoon at 5:20, listen to The Fox for Rex Howard to roll out the “Haunted Happenings Report” brought to you by The Fear Factory in Findlay, and 106.3 The Fox.

Rex runs down all the area Trick Or Treat Nights, Haunted Attractions (scary & “kid friendly”), and Community Halloween Parades, Parties and Celebrations.

If you know of a Halloween Happening that’s NOT on our list, be a “Haunted Happenings Tipster” and let us know about it! Complete the form below to tell us about it. If it’s “Family Friendly or Grown-Up Scary” you’ll find it here, on the “Fox Haunted Happening Report”

With The Fear Factory, and your semi-scary Rock station . . . 106.3 The Fox!

Haunted Happening Name
Dates of Operation
Hours of Operation
Zip Code
Contact Person
Contact Phone Number
Other Information (Family friendly, Adult only...)



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